Free Computers Laptops and Tablets

Charity's are very close to my Heart and through my IT business I was able give away over 550 Free Laptops, Desktop and Tablets to various of Charities ranging from Syrians Famies, Ukraine Family's, Charlie Bird, Temple Street, Drugs Rehabilitation, Women’s Charities, Peter Mc Very Trust, Army Vets, CRC, Focus Ireland The Simon Community, Pave Point and Roma Centre, Don Bosco House, NCBI, Suicide Charities, Blood Bikes, Autism Initiatives, Mental Health, The Irish Refugee Centre, Senior Social Clubs, Cross Care, Schools, Places of Worship, Animal Shelters, Chernobyl Children, Homeless and Children with Disabilities the list is endless, some charities for confidentiality reasons I can't mention. I also have a adverts site where I give away everything for free

If you want to give a free Computer Laptop or Laptop to somebody contact me and I will put a new hard drive in and a operating system and I will donate it to a Charity for free and email you a copy of the acceptance letter Email this is a non profit organisation. 

In 2019 I was asked by the Irish Refugee Council to donate to a Syrian Family with 3 beautiful kids a free Tablet, Good Luck guys and welcome to Ireland.
I donated a free laptop to Kilbarrack Coast Community Programme.

In 2014 a School in Tallagh were broken into and all their computers were stolen I donated 1 Desktop and 1 Laptop for free to help them rebuild..
it was my pleasure to donate a free Tablet to Temple Street Hospital in Dublin 1.
I donated a free Laptop To Chernobyl Children for the day to day running of the project.
In 2015 Blood Bikes approached me for a free laptop to help out with the volunteers, well done to all the men and women. 

Morbi in sem

In 2018 I donated a free Laptop to the peter McVerry Trust.
in 2017 I donated a free laptop to the Dublin Simon Community.
In 2018 I donated a free Laptop for the National Council for the Blind.
In 2015 I donated a free Desktop to Don Bosco Care.
In 2015 I donated a free Laptop and Printer to Cross Care.
In 2018 I donated a free laptop to Pavee Point for their admin team.

This site was setup up by Brian Garrigan to donate free Computers Laptop and Tablets for Charties in need and its is non profit. Happy Christmas to all.